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Logistical flexibility adjusted to your transport needs

Whether you are sending hundreds of containers a week, a few pallets each month in a groupage shipment, or you want to start to import/export your first container. Our unrivalled network of certified collaborators allows you to benefit from our technology and global experience. Our customers are already enjoying an improvement in flexibility, logistics, cost reduction, visualised supply chain and a powerful financial analysis that your accounts department will thank you for.

MAITSA Customs Manager

Maitsa Customs BrokerageTraffic Crew

Ship with MAITSA Customs Brokerage!

  • Global cargo agent in one single point of contact
  • Several competitive quotes for each shipment
  • Online dashboard of tools to view your shipments in real time
  • Daily updates on your shipments
  • Analysis and drafting of reports to present ideas on your supply chain
  • Capacity to share monitoring and tracking data with all your team
  • Visualisation of status on administrative procedures such as customs clearance, health certificate, SOIVRE (Official Service Inspection, Supervision and Regulation of Exports), phytosanitary certificate

What advantages do we offer as a freight forwarder?

  • We work in the principal ports
  • We have correspondents in the major ports
  • Weekly departures to main destinations
  • Maximum traceability, information and transparency on shipment
  • Integrated logistics (Transport + Customs Procedures)

Your company is in permanent contact with our experts in customs, international transport and supply chain, via the new communication technologies and the most used methods, such as by telephone or email, at any time, from any place, so you don’t lose sight of your shipment and you know where your goods are at any given time. We are here to assist you. MAITSA Customs Brokerage provides customs clearance and international transport services, fully managed from one logistical operator, facilitating communication from the moment of booking the freight container or LCL groupage, monitoring the document administration and ensuring delivery in the agreed place, reducing all the bureaucracy that is so characteristic of the sector, and facilitating the logistics management on behalf of the customer. For decades, Maitsa Customs Brokerage has maintained excellent collaborative relationships with the principal authorities involved in the import and export of merchandise. The main authorities we deal with include: The Ministry of Health, The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Administration of Customs and Excise Duty and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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