Fulfillment by Amazon

Trusted customs services provider for Amazon sellers

Real-time tracking

Thanks to our platform, your team will be informed about the status, the exact location and the ETA of each shipment. Each step that your goods takes will be registered in our system, being able to access this information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The updated data in real time, allow us to provide you a dashboard to control all your operations.


Transparent prices and useful information of your operations. Analyze and compare all the variables to identify and predict possible bottlenecks in your supply chain. Take the right decision based on real data and get the access to the entire record of steps made in your finalized operations and those that should be done in the future.

Shared workspace

Optimize your time and bring your logistics processes to the digital age!. Check the general status of your shipments or upload/download a document will take a few seconds... and you can do it from anywhere! Forget about checking your inbox every 5 minutes or constantly calling your freight forwarder / customs agent to have information about your shipments. Work in a shared environment with a team of customs experts, who will help you manage your foreign trade operations.